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Tracey Buchanan

Tracey Buchanan

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Graphics


    The art form of writing nudged me steadily back into the world of fine arts. I’ve always been captivated by little pieces of life that flutter by us each day, and as I collected these observations, my creative impulse was to flesh them out even more by developing accompanying illustrations.  What resulted was a collection I call “flutterbies.”

    Flutterbies are snippets of everyday life caught randomly out of the air – butterfly thoughts plucked from the blue.  These watercolor and ink prints are whimsical heart-gifts, with illustrations that make you smile and words that make you think. Whether it’s a special relationship you want to celebrate or a quirky observation that tickles you, there’s a flutterbye hovering nearby.

    Living in the arts district of Paducah—known as Quilt City USA—inspires my work every day. Just a stroll through the National Quilt Museum sends a jolt to my muse. The work is not only imbued with bold, vivid design and rich colors, but also with story after story. As a writer I am drawn to understanding people’s stories: What makes them tick?  What moves them to love or compassion?  What encourages them to change and grow?  What do they see that I’ve overlooked?  I’m drawn to explore the tapestry of the human psyche everywhere: the neighborhood coffee shop, the grocery store, my friends, the church nursery – everywhere people gather is resplendent with possible flutterbies.  I like to capture these personalities in poems accompanied by interesting, simple designs in saturated color.

    I began my line of flutterbies in 1997 and have created over 150 designs, with more springing into being every day.  The line, containing prints, greeting cards, note cards and a gift book, is sold nationwide.

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