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Forest Boone

Forest Boone

Architectural Artist
  • Metal; Stone; Mixed Media


    Forest Boone’s  large-scale public art projects and privately commissioned sculptures always seem to evoke aesthetic emotion through significant form. His acute attention to detail, coupled with broad technical knowledge and accomplished engineering feats, is precisely what minimizes unexpected surprises throughout the design and build process. Starting with a pencil sketch, then a scale model for the client’s approval, the completed large-scale piece is sure to have been refined to a point of evolutionary excellence. Boone has done so internationally. He has worked with budgets as low as a few thousand dollars to in excess of one million, whereby he left his mark on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, when working for the widow of Charles Schultz. From 15-ton naturalistic Frank Lloyd Wright-like sculptural fountains and historic bronze statuary restorations, to larger-than-life bronze monuments, Forest Boone has been meeting deadlines and surpassing client’s expectations for 15 years and counting.

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