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Marcus Wilkerson

Marcus Wilkerson

Performing Artist
  • Music: Solos, Duos, and Trios
  • Number of Performers: 1
  • Fee Range: $250 – $2,000
  • Available for Block Booking


Marcus Wilkerson believes in the power of the root sound—every tone and frequency can be heard in nature.   

“After all music is but an audible landscape by which we use to communicate with the unseen, much like its literal form [landscapes]. This is how we tap into the spiritual realm,” he posits.  

Marcus often writes his songs while walking in nature, sometimes even in dreams or during heightened emotion. He calls it channeling. Usually, it starts off as a murmur then a melody or the other way around. Suddenly a song emerges. 

Marcus is a vocalist and also plays acoustic guitar, West, Central African and Afro-Latin Percussion, banjo and some of its incarnations. Sometimes his music can be classified as folk and or world, but he has a term called biorhythmic expression that touches on something that is far more visceral and personal.  

Sometimes you can hear  him vocalizing in this rhythmic verbiage that is almost spoken word, yet jazz singing. His writing style is inspired by poets, hip hop artists and short story authors. All of that to say, it is safe to at least call Marcus’s brand of music a kind of Roots music.  

Marcus hales from Louisville and lives with his family in Lexington.

Minimal Technical Requirements

Minimum stage size: 16 feet x 8 feet
Lighting: general wash
Sound: maximum of four microphones for drums, guitar and vocals, standard PA system with four or more input devices
Other: one chair
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