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Marcus Wilkerson

Marcus Wilkerson

Performing Artist
  • Music: Solos, Duos, and Trios
  • Number of Performers: 1
  • Fee Range: $250 – $2,000
  • Available for Block Booking


Marcus Wilkerson, singer-songwriter and artist educator, is a native of Louisville, but considers Lexington his spiritual home. He is passionate about his mission, "Creating community through the structure of the ensemble and conducting this harmonious connection through example, by telling my story, singing my song and walking my walk."

Deeply steeped in the classic songwriting traditions of the early Civil Rights Movement and the Peace Movement, Marcus Wilkerson's guitar style is rough and rhythmic at one moment and then light and languid the next. He considers himself a student, teacher and performer of all music that marks the development of human consciousness and a lover of all styles, as exemplified by his thoughtful originals and seminal song choices.

Marcus is a passionate singer who cleverly uses his gift to convey the tone and emotion in a story, sometimes including sounds of everyday objects for imagery similar to the way that Wagner's leitmotif concept was used to hold a story line in an opera and its developments together. He has been a student and presenter of traditional African and Afro-Latin instruments and their history for 15 years, starting at age 15 with the IMANI Dance Company of Louisville (directed by Harlina Churn Diallo).

Marcus speaks and performs in rhythm. He calls it being his essential self. "Music is intrinsic. There is tone in our voices and a dance in our walk. Music and song are the earliest and most finite ways to communicate. It is one of the best instruments used to identify everyone's experience with the human condition."

He has two educational programs "Natural Rhythm" and "Songs of Freedom, Songs of Peace". Marcus expresses all of the aforementioned ideas and more, but as an observer, the first expression that you will feel is passion.

Marcus Wilkerson lives for connecting with people, creating community and doing his part to help keep it cohesive with his music.

Minimal Technical Requirements

Minimum stage size: 16 feet x 8 feet
Lighting: general wash
Sound: maximum of four microphones for drums, guitar and vocals, standard PA system with four or more input devices
Other: one chair
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