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Lakshmi Sriraman

Lakshmi Sriraman

Performing Artist
  • Dance
  • Number of Performers: 1-8
  • Fee Range: On request
  • Available for Block Booking


​​"Staccato beats emanated from everywhere: from darting glances, belled heels, sharply bent knees, and arms flung to the horizon, then crossed at the chest, where the fingers flared like a bouquet." --Apollinaire Scherr, New York-based dance critic for Financial Times

Lakshmi Sriraman is an accomplished Bharatanatyam performer, teacher and choreographer. She creates exciting and authentic programs of Bharatanatyam dance that appeals to diverse audiences and can grace any occasion or venue.

Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest classical dance forms of India, dating back to 1000 B.C. It is known for its rhythmic and ornate footwork along with narrative storytelling. The dance is accompanied by classical Carnatic music. Traditional Bharatanatyam has been performed predominantly as a form of deep devotion. It moved from royal courts to theaters, and then expanded to include more secular stories and poems.

Lakshmi's dance programs are not only entertaining and enthralling, but also provide a window into Indian culture. Narrative background is provided for all dances performed. Audiences can engage in question and answer sessions after the programs.

Having been trained by the best teachers, Lakshmi takes the absolute precision of the sacred movements in the classical dance form to weave stories that have touched audiences around the U.S. She has brought an ancient style to the new world and a new style to an ancient expression of historic storytelling through dance.

Minimal Technical Requirements

Minimum stage size: 18 feet x 12 feet
Lighting: General wash
Sound: CD player, mics for orchestra
Other: Wooden dance floor
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