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Joy Lait

Joy Lait

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Jewelry


    Joy came into the art scene with no expectations of becoming an artist, but as a personal challenge driven by her fascination for glass. Since taking up a torch the fascination has become an obsession. She strings together glass beads made by her hands alone to create unique pieces of jewelry full of passion and flair.

    Her primitive series captures strength, energy and emotion. Of this series, Joy says, “The primitive idea began when I ran across Bully and Dembo — two African bead traders from somewhere near the Ivory Coast. Besides African beads made from recycled glass, they carried recycled metal beads that entranced me. I purchased several strands and went to work on a whole new look for my jewelry.”

    “I heat hollow, clear glass beads to a molten state and roll them in powdered glass, which is known as frit. I make my frit by pounding glass rods of various colors into powder and mixing them. I also incorporate gold and silver additives. This is a time consuming process, but it gives me colors that are unattainable using a single color rod. The glass and the metals combine to achieve an incredible amalgamation of beauty”

    Joy’s creations are now on sale at Gallery Janjobe, which she owns in partnership with five other Kentucky Crafted artists. Her work has also been accepted into the Louisville Artisans Guild and the Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen.

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