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John Keeton

John Keeton

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Wood


    I grew up in a rural setting in Floyd County, Kentucky, and spent most of my free time in the hardwood forests surrounding my home. My earliest woodworking memory is building a footstool with my father as a 4-H project somewhere around the age of 12.

    From an early age I had an interest in longrifles, and in the early 1970s I began building them. I assembled them, using existing parts from various sources and new parts that I made. Eventually my woodworking expanded to furniture, often using my favorite woods of white oak, walnut and curly maple.

    In the fall of 2009 I bought a lathe to turn legs for a table I was building. That set of table legs opened a new world. I turned my first bowl on Christmas Eve and never looked back. Woodturning is a jealous mistress.

    Much of my work finds its source in whims that lead to concepts of form that I quickly sketch. I will keep such a sketch near me for several days, or even weeks, and develop the theme to the point where scale and proportion become important. Then I make a scaled drawing, which permits me to adjust curves, proportions and the scale of each element.

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