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Ann Klem

Ann Klem

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Glass; Jewelry


    Ann is passionate about glass. She uses two processes to explore its fluid colors and forms. The first is lampworking in which she uses an oxygen-propane torch to form finely crafted glass beads.  Once they are tempered, cooled and cleaned, she adds these beads to her handcrafted silver or gold wire work to create unique pieces of wearable art.

    The second process is kiln-formed glass. Ann uses multiple kiln firings in making these pieces. The first firing creates custom sheet glass. She cuts this into strips, combines it with other strips of glass and they fuse together in a second firing. Using a tile saw she cuts the glass into “quilt pattern” shapes. She combines these with more glass in additional kiln firings and other glass forming techniques. The end products of this multi-step process are coasters, clock faces, picture frames, bowls, free-standing sculptural pieces and wall art.

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