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Richard Adams

Richard Adams

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Wood


    In the process of woodturning, a piece of wood rapidly rotates on a lathe and is carved using a variety of tools.  This process has been used for centuries.  Early woodturning was primarily utilitarian in nature.  The wooden bowls and plates produced by the process were in everyday use.

    Richard Adams was introduced to woodworking in his dad’s shop and has been fascinated with wood ever since. In 2003 he began to turn wood on a lathe that his dad bought.  He was thrilled as shapes emerged from the spinning wood and found pleasure in the smells that came from the different woods he was carving.

    Richard now works out of his shop in London, KY.  Artistic and utilitarian bowls are his primary work, but he also enjoys turning hollow vessels and a wide variety of useful and decorative items.

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