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Jacob van der Oort

Jacob van der Oort

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Photography


    Jacob van der Oort was born and raised in the Netherlands (Holland).  As a child, his aunt and uncle often visited the family farm.  They traveled a lot and after returning, they would always present a slide show of pictures they had taken during their trips.  Jacob was intrigued by the stories that accompanied each and every picture.  They were beautiful images and so he became very interested in taking pictures at a young age.  National service was mandatory at the time.  He choose to join the royal Dutch Navy and traveled all over the world, always carrying a camera with him.

    Over time, he believes, every photographer develops a creative side and transforms from a snapshot taker to an artist.  For example, ten individuals can take a picture of the Capitol in downtown Frankfort.  The comments on nine of those pictures will be “ Oh…yeah…the Capitol,” but the comment on one of the pictures will be “Oh…cool, I never looked at the Capitol that way!”  That is the kind of picture Jacob wants to create and share with people.  He believes that at that point, when you have the desire to take that kind of picture, you have completed the transformation from just an every day snapshot taker, to a unique picture taker.  At that point you have made your hobby into art.

    Jacob’s photography business is called “Icatcher Photography”.  In his business, he does not limit himself to any particular subject.  He does not take pictures only of people, architecture, horses or nature.  The images shown here will give you an idea of the type of pictures he likes to take.

    He captures whatever catches his eye.  He does not like capturing images that other people want him to take.  Rather, he captures images that he likes.  He believes that as soon as one gives in to what other people want…one has lost one’s own unique style.

    He wants to maintain his own style.  A style that makes people say, “Oh, that’s a ‘Jacob van der Oort’”.

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    Jacob van der Oort Photo
    • Business Name :

      Icatcher Photography

    • Contact Information :

      400 Lindsey Avenue
      Frankfort, KY  40601

    • 502-545-0928