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Carol Shutt

Carol Shutt

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Photography


    Shutt's photography reflects her love of history.  She enjoys documentary photography focusing on the architecture, culture and stories to be found in an area.  She appreciates the old homes, barns and bridges of the South and wants to preserve this heritage through her work.  Shutt combines her photography with her training as a Kentucky Community Scholar to record and share the stories and images of folk life in Kentucky.

    She recently completed an oral history project with recordings and photographs that tell the story of quilters in Montgomery County.  She is currently completing work on an oral history project researching funeral customs as a rite of passage in Harlan County.  Shutt strives for "something different" in her work.  Her subject matter reflects peace and tranquility as well as a sense of history.  She does much of this work in black and white to add to the feeling of history.  Shutt and her husband, Richard, have recently developed a line of hand-pulled paper, which they make themselves.  Selected images are printed only on this hand-pulled paper, which makes them one-of-a-kind as each sheet of paper is unique.

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