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Cynthia Pierce Roberts

Cynthia Pierce Roberts

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Jewelry


    ​​​​Cynthia Pierce Roberts and her son, Jacob Roberts, are the in-house goldsmiths and gemologists at A Small Extravagance Jewelry Studio.

    Specializing in the creative use of colored gemstones, their work salutes the often overlooked world of unique and unusual gems through applications that are out of the ordinary.  Custom services are also offered because discerning jewelry customers often find participation in the design process more suitable than the regular mainstream options.  Cynthia and Jacob can work in any precious metal and provide any natural stone that the customer desires.

    Cynthia has been a professional goldsmith since 1978.  Jacob began his career in 2002. Their jewelry is produced Tuesday through Saturday in their studio at 647 East Main Street in Lexington. Visit the studio to see the work in progress or begin a project of your own.

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