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Judy Rosati

Judy Rosati

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Photography


    As a fine arts photographer, Judy Rosati's main interest is in hand coloring black and white photographs.  Many of her photographs were taken during her travels over the last several years.  Others were shot locally.   Her photographs depict a wide range of subjects including local landmarks, natural scenes, zoo animals, flowers, city scenes and waterscapes.

    She shoots with black and white film and produces prints in her darkroom.  After printing, the photographs are hand colored using Marshall Photo Oils™, photo tinting pens and/or Prisma™ pencils.  Some of her photographs are sepia toned to show warmth before the hand coloring is applied. 

    Judy’s hand coloring technique reflects an old art form that was used before the invention of color film.  It has regained its popularity in recent years as a creative expression of the artistry of the photographer.  Judy uses color to personalize the interpretation of her subject matter.  This is evident in her spontaneous use of color, as well as her retention of black and white areas from the original photographic print.

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