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Fred Reaves

Fred Reaves

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Photography


    Fred Reaves photographic vision and thought processes are greatly influenced by Wabi-Sabi, the quintessential Japanese aesthetic.  Unlike the Western ideal of beauty, Wabi-Sabi most often is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.  It is a beauty of things simple, modest, humble and unconventional.  In Wabi-Sabi nothing is ever complete or finished but in a constant state of change from either becoming or dissolving.  Many believe that a state of Wabi-Sabi can only be experienced in the moment that it is appreciated as such. 

    As an artist, Reaves works to capture the essence of these small yet emotionally charged moments in time.  His approach to imagery is combined with a distinct, directional light source.  The light can be either hard or soft; subtle or intense.  Each quality defines and impacts the subject in a special way.  Working in the right combination, these qualities of light create dramatic contrasts and interesting shadows.  These impart the depth that Reaves finds so vital to his imagery.

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