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Raymond Papka

Raymond Papka

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Mixed Media 2-D


    From my early childhood I loved books. They allowed my mind to travel everywhere. I liked old, dusty, faded books because they invoked a sense of history. Books are made to be used and used up, but books can have a second life. They can be remade into new things.

    I have always been attracted to unusual objects. During my youth I kept many odd collections of little treasures in boxes and cloth bags. I am fascinated by things that look like they were once attached to something interesting, belonged to a mysterious family or that have the illusion of great value. Old letters, forks, buttons and metal remnants are some of the items that capture my attention.

    I combine assemblage and encaustic painting in my work. I use books and wood panels as substrates and found objects as embellishments. The translucent nature of the beeswax used in encaustic painting allows me to generate layers of information in my artwork while maintaining a mysterious aspect. The resulting imagery has a dreamy and historical aura.

    My work is continually evolving. It is inspired by issues in biology, the influence of science in my life and the major players in the history of science and religion. It utilizes the interrelations between math, science, music, philosophy and engineering. My art takes many forms, but the themes of change, memories, looking back and reutilization are constant.

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