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Jennifer Stephenson McLamb

Jennifer Stephenson McLamb

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Jewelry


    Jennifer Stephenson McLamb, Mixed Media Directory Jennifer Stephenson McLamb combines her love for the earth and her creative passion to craft contemporary, one-of-a-kind art jewelry that has a low environmental impact on our planet. She designs and creates each piece in her studio in Lexington. In addition to her work as a studio artisan, Jennifer maintains a part-time energy healing practice. As an energy healer, she understands the importance of incorporating high quality materials and positive energy into her artwork in a way that resonates with the wearer.

    Her commitment to eco-friendly jewelry and sustainable studio practices fuels her passion for her new line, ECO JEWELS™. These pieces focus on sustainable materials and earth-friendly processes. Jennifer hopes this line will inspire her customers to look at our disposable lifestyles in a new way and encourage them to utilize the three R's, “reduce, reuse and recycle.”

    All Eco Jewels are crafted from materials that would have otherwise gone into landfills. Wine and soda bottles are collected, cleaned, sorted, cut and fired in a kiln to create glass rings, called “bottle beads”. These serve as the gemstones for the Eco Jewels pieces. Colorful focal points are achieved with “pop beads,” which are made from aluminum cans that have been cleaned, varnished, cut, domed and drilled. The sterling silver used to accent the recycled glass and aluminum beads has also been recycled. It is purchased from a refiner that reclaims the material by processing scrap silver.

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