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Lindy Evans

Lindy Evans

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Mixed Media 3-D


    Each of her one-of-a-kind images of Santa Claus is created in Lindy';s home workshop or retail studio in Berea, Kentucky. The inspiration for these wooly figures comes from pictures, old postcards, articles and books on the Santa Claus Legend and, most importantly, from studies of real people with interesting facial features. Lindy sees Santa Claus images everywhere. All of this information is used to create that special Santa face and dress. Because Santa's image is sculpted and constructed from head to base by hand, each Santa Claus is unique. Lindy sculpts her faces from polymer clay, and uses vintage fabrics and antique toys to adorn her Santas, elves and other images. Her work ranges in size from 6 inches to life-size. Lindy has kept her childhood belief and delight in the Santa Claus legend. Through her images, she has shared these joys with other people. She finds as much joy in watching other people's expressions as they look and touch her characters as she does in creating the images. Lindy now shares that joy and polymer clay experience with students in her one day “Make and Take” Santa classes.

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