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Julia Weber

Julia Weber

Kentucky Crafted Artist Archive
  • Jewelry


    ​My life has been an adventure. I have hiked the blue-green forests of Kentucky and explored the blue-green seas of Belize. I have felt the stifled peace of the Arizona desert in summer and splashed under the pounding waterfalls of Jamaica. These experiences helped deepen my love for and connection to our planet.

    For many years I cared for my mother and helped her to thrive during her battle with Alzheimer’s disease. This helped deepen my compassion, strengthen my patience and open my heart.

    I am a self taught metal smith. This was not the easiest way to learn this skill but it definitely had its advantages. No teacher ever told me, “No, you can’t do that!” At times, I craft my pieces in unorthodox ways that bring surprising results.

    I take beautiful semi-precious stones from our earth and surround them with hand-fabricated sterling silver so that my customers can wear a piece of our precious earth next to their heart. My spiritual energy goes into each piece I create. When you purchase a piece of jewelry from Adventure Creations you not only receive a high quality, hand-crafted piece of wearable art, you also obtain a part of my positive energy. Hold an amber pendant in your hand. Do you feel the warmth of a desert sunset? Do you feel the spiritual warmth? Place an azurite ring on your finger. Do you feel the cooling splash of a Jamaican waterfall? Do you feel a vibe that says, “Everything will be OK.”?

    I cherish our earth and the beautiful stones and metals it provides. I cherish my customers that become a part of my world. I cherish my creativity. I am thankful for all of these blessings and look forward to sharing them with you. My greatest hope for my creations is that you will find the one piece that has been crafted especially for you and that it will bring you great joy, healing, and comfort.

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