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Rachel Savané

Rachel Savané

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Jewelry


    Rachel Savané began her career/business in 1996 by entering juried art fairs in Kentucky.  She opened her gallery in 2003 in downtown Lexington, KY where she also maintains her studio.  Her inspirations are drawn from the excitement she feels for the individual gemstones she uses in her work.  A gentle flow is felt from the curves of the silver she shapes and carefully juxtaposes with the stones, creating unique character in each piece of jewelry.  Rachel's signature work is her Kentucky Agate line which features the official state rock.  "This rock really gets me going.  There is so much variety of color and pattern that exists in it that my jaw often drops to see the next stone and all its surprising detail.  Some stones even have colors that are hard to tag with a name."  She has expanded her line with adornment for men, including belt buckles, money clips and cuff links.

    Rachel has a talent for inventive functionality.  For example, her money clip designs have an original element which allows them to cradle both bills and credit cards.  She has also designed hair cuffs (a cuff which covers a hair band).  Her earrings have long, integrated wires which feed through the ear (some from the front others from the back) and enhance the overall design.  Her rings are all of varying open designs that she can quickly size to the wearer.  She is known for integrating every aspect of a piece of jewelry into the design as a whole.  This, she says, speaks to her desire to live a holistic life.  In all this complexity of design the common thread throughout Rachel's work is simplicity.  "True simplicity is tricky to obtain and harder to maintain.  I'm just lucky because it comes naturally and makes me feel good," she says.  One thing is for sure, her work may be simple, but it is a long way from plain.

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