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Jim Jones

Jim Jones

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Metal


    Jim Jones of Forge On Metalworks, LLC has been actively blacksmithing since 2000. What began as a leisure time hobby quickly grew into a blossoming business as Jim’s neighbors and community discovered his abilities in turning cold steel into functional and attractive ornamental architecture and household tools. Jim's inspirations usually come from his environment on a small horse farm in Jessamine County. Many of his works involve horse shoes and equine inspired themes. Jim’s work can be found in a variety of Kentucky’s premiere arts and crafts shops. He also gives lessons to those interested in learning more about the ancient craft of blacksmithing and gives demonstrations around the state. Jim has created custom works for home and farm owners and businesses. This includes ornamental pieces such as stair railings, outdoor grills, wall mounted wine racks, door and window hardware, fireplace accessories, and horse stall doors and windows. A commissioned stair railing was recently featured in The Hammer’s Blow, the journal of the Artists Blacksmiths Association of North America. Jim has also been featured on “Bluegrass and Backroads”.

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