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Vicki Bangs

Vicki Bangs

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Metal


    Vicki has been creating whimsical critters for about 9 years, she is self taught and according to her, is still learning.  When you enter her whimsical Froggy world, you’ll see a mix of garden critters, a praying mantis here and there, and a smattering of snakes, but most of all you’ll see frogs.  Big frogs…funny frogs.  The froggy friends range in size from 2 to 4 feet tall and all are meant to make you laugh.

    The frogs are born at the recycling center and coaxing out their distinctive personalities requires maximum imagination and hours of hard work.  After cutting, heating, pounding, texturing, soldering and a quick acid bath to get that beautiful green patina stylish frogs are known for, they are ready to go out into the world on their own.  With a little help from Vicki they decide what careers or hobbies they want to pursue.  “Golfer Tiger Toad” aspires to win another famous green jacket.  “Foster the Fishing Frog” is a member of Bass Busters Anonymous and thinks work is for frogs who don’t know how to fish.  “Bing Frogsby” carries his microphone everywhere he goes and makes a living crooning for crickets.  “Headrush Harry and Harriet” are trapeze artists and enjoy just hanging around the garden until the circus comes to town.

    These are only a few of the copper characters you’ll meet when you enter the froggy fantasy world of Vicki’s Freaky Frogs.  They will become more than acquisitions or investments.  They charm their way into their owner’s hearts and become companions and confidants.  Although they can withstand the elements, their owners often let them winter inside so they can be enjoyed year round.

    She gets extra satisfaction watching visitors to her studio interact with the frogs and respond to the personality they exhibit.  Her typical customer has a terrific sense of humor.  She once created an entire pool hall scene complete with a copper pool table, rack of balls, cue sticks, and froggy pool sharks.  She has collectors across the country and as far away as Germany.

    Perhaps Kermit was wrong.  Maybe it is easy being green!!!

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