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Lu Fuller

Lu Fuller

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Painting


    Art is a reflection of life. So my watercolor paintings are a reflection of warm memories of growing up on a farm on the outskirts of a small river town in Kentucky.  From a rough sketch on illustration board or watercolor paper, scenes mix reality and inspiration with transparent and opaque watercolor to create a snapshot of life as I see it.

    My love of gardening is expressed through my floral paintings.  Flowers were the main subject of my ten years as a designer for Hallmark Greeting Card Company, and continue to be a constant source of inspiration for my paintings.

    It’s easy to draw creative energy from nature.  My extensive photograph collection, along with a spectacular view of my garden gives me the chance to share their beauty through bright colors and rich tones.  I have chosen to produce 125 limited edition prints from the more than 13,000 original watercolors that I have painted.  These offset lithographs are printed on 100% rag paper using the highest quality inks, limited to editions of 500 prints.

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