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Catherine Bryant

Catherine Bryant

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Painting


    Catherine Bryant has been a prominent Louisville artist for the past 25 years, specializing in murals for commercial and private clients.  Bryant formerly co-owned a gallery on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, and now concentrates on painting at her gallery on Sherbrooke Road.  She has developed her love for the arts from childhood and brings that love to every piece she creates.  For Bryant, "Art is the Breath of Life".

    “The style of painting that feeds my soul the most is plein air.  Being out in the elements where I can feel, breathe, smell and see the colors of the great creation!  In order to capture this I use complimentary colors as a base painting, then layer subsequent pigments on top.  I am inspired by Vincent Van Gogh and Aleksander Titovets, who painted from life used a thick impasto application of paint to express a sculptural and textural quality.  The intention of my painting is to bring great pleasure to myself and a visual experience to others.  It is my desire that the viewer experience the pleasure and passion I felt while creating these works of art.”

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