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Maiken Ischiel Young

Maiken Ischiel Young

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Fiber


    My line is simple and clean. Sometimes the emphasis is on the yarns and fibers: textured or smooth, thin or thick, matte or shiny. I like to juxtapose these qualities. Sometimes the stiffness of linen and paper is desired and sometimes the fluidity and drape of silk and rayon. Emphasis may also be on colors, sometimes bold with a single contrasting element; sometimes softly shifting shades of a single color.

    My background is Scandinavian, so I grew up with contemporary design as well as a rich heritage of folk art. Colorful ethnic costumes, which display a multitude of textile techniques, are works of infinite beauty, harmony and exacting skill.  This heritage led to my deep interest in textiles of other cultures and other times. The expertise and beauty of handwork created centuries or even millennia ago are profoundly touching and awe inspiring.

    A brief introductory course in Sweden, an excellent Swedish weaving book and the magazine “Handwoven”, supplemented by workshops in the USA, England and Norway, have taught me most of what I know.  I have been weaving since 1982 and have taken part in gallery and fashion shows.  My work has been honored with several awards. I prefer to sell my work myself through juried art shows. The interaction with the customer is very meaningful to me. I have had the joy of seeing my work worn by brides and mothers’ of the bride, worn to a presidential inaugural ball and as part of travel wardrobes to foreign destinations.

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      Maiken Ischiel Young

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      67 Bray Ridge Road
      Bedford, KY 40006

    • 502-255-3018