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Alyssa Middleton

Alyssa Middleton

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Natural/Organic


    As a child Alyssa Middleton learned from her seamstress mother and woodworking grandparents that the best handmade products require an uncompromising eye for detail and the highest quality ingredients. Little did she know that years later this instilled love of craft and a refusal to cut corners would elevate her bath and body products to an artisan level.

    Despite the wellspring of successful creative businesses surrounding her, Alyssa followed in her business-savvy father’s footsteps and opted for a graduate education and corporate job. A desire to live more naturally prompted her to explore soap making and bath and body compounds. She soon found herself immersed in research and hooked on a new hobby. Experimenting with ingredients gave Alyssa as much satisfaction as giving her handcrafted treasures as gifts.

    Alyssa’s reluctance to use commercially made products filled with unpronounceable ingredients intensified after her infant daughter developed a serious case of eczema. Not wanting to aggravate the baby’s already sensitive skin, she began searching for natural treatments. She found formulas for the creation of wholesome, soothing bath and body products. Alyssa thought, “The best way to know what is going onto her skin is by creating it myself.”

    During her research, Alyssa discovered Vintage Body Spa and learned that the company was for sale. Suddenly she knew that she could no longer ignore her entrepreneurial dream of sharing her passion for creating safe and natural, yet rich and luxurious products. She purchased the business and combined her experience and creativity with the existing formulations to continue the Vintage Body Spa product line. Her daughter’s eczema has been almost completely eradicated, and Alyssa is delighted with the changes in her own skin. She loves her work, which “forces” her to soak in the tub in the name of research.  Each time a customer submits a testimonial describing how their skin has changed as a result of Vintage Body Spa, Alyssa is spurred on in her quest for everyone to use her luxurious products to “Indulge Your Body.”™

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