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Dianne Simpson

Dianne Simpson

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Fiber


    I grew up in the mountains of southeastern Kentucky and learned many traditional crafts working with my grandmother, mother, aunts and neighbors. Soap making, in the fall (hog killing time), paper flowers in the spring (for Memorial Day), and quilt tacking and embroidery in the winter were just a few. I have always been eager to learn how things were made. I took a basket weaving class and practiced developing my own designs – some of which I sold to state park gift shops.

    A little later, I purchased my first loom. Using the knowledge I gained from basket weaving, it wasn’t long before I was developing my own weaving designs. I found that I was drawn to flexible fibers for their ease of manipulation and range of colors and textures. I use a combination of techniques in weaving my designs, including: plain, overlay, and inlay. I take my inspiration from nature. I love the fluid-like movement of trees and vines. I can spend hours studying the twist and turns in their path to the sun.

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    • Business Name :

      Out of Necessity

    • Contact Information :

      47 Emerson Drive
      Heidrick, KY 40949

    • 606-277-0120