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Artha Lynn Horine

Artha Lynn Horine

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Baskets; Natural/Organic


    Originally from Southern California, Lynn Horine moved to Kentucky 42 years ago to settle with her husband in his hometown of Bedford. She has always loved traditional basket making.  When an illness forced her into early retirement she discovered the art of pine needle coiling and fell in love with this unusual method of making baskets. Lynn uses long leaf pine needles from Georgia to make coils that she sews together into rows that build each basket’s structure. It takes many stitches to make a finished basket. Often Lynn forms a basket on top of a gourd that has been cut to make a base. She never plans a basket's structure, so no two are alike. The material just tells her what it wants to do.

    Lynn feels that the look of amazement on people’s faces when she tells them what her baskets are made of is worth all the effort and time spent in coiling and sewing pine needles. She advises people to slow down and appreciate nature and all the beautiful things it gives us to use.

    The Kentucky Farm Bureau's Bluegrass and Backroads program featured Lynn on June 27, 2011.

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    • Business Name :

      Artha Lynn Horine

    • Contact Information :

      2707 Hwy. 421 N.
      Bedford, KY  40006

    • 502-255-7500