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Fox Hutt

Fox Hutt

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Fiber


    My fiber art studio, Lacetree Weaving, LLC, offers “A New Angle on Tradition” with unique, colorful and durable, hand woven and hand constructed Rag Rugs, Table Rugs, Wall Hangings and Handbags in a variety of designs and sizes.

    Fiber art has been in my life since I made potholders in the 6th grade. My studio is in my country home which overlooks my garden and a scenic pond on 70-acres, which my husband, Steve, and I have named Turtle Island Farm and Gardens. I have always been attracted to art with a function. I create colorful hand-woven rag rugs, table rugs, wall hangings and a variety of handbags in unique designs. Each piece is created by hand from beginning to end. All my work is “one of a kind” and is made from high quality, durable materials.

    I believe my hand-woven pieces are unique for a number of reasons, such as my design motifs and contrasting inlays. I draw from my spirituality for many of my color choices and design elements. My handbags are of my own design and several styles are embellished with specialty yarns, antique buttons and other finery. I use natural materials in most of my pieces - 100% cotton warp and 100% wool fabric strips for the weft. I prefer wool fabric strips because they pack more tightly than cotton or synthetic. In my experience an item made with wool strips will last much longer and be easier to keep clean than one made with other types of fabric. The wool tends to resist dirt and stains. 

    I am often asked why I named my studio Lacetree Weaving. While weaving on a beautiful spring day, I looked out my window and admired the emerging silvery leaves of a white poplar tree. It looked like an elaborately woven piece of lace. The word “lacetree” came to mind and I chose to use the name for my newly emerging weaving business.

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