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Robin Reichart-Cooke

Robin Reichart-Cooke

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Natural/Organic


    Mrs. Robin R. Cooke is a native of Louisville, Kentucky.  She currently resides in Berea with her loving & supportive husband, Matthew. With Matt at her side, she created Misty Mountain Top INC. out of necessity.  Both were Robin and Matt were in need of a solution to constant dry skin, but high quality all natural products just weren’t available commercially.  Having been raised on a farm with an emphasis on the “natural way of life”, it seemed logical for Robin to make what she couldn’t buy.   She needed petroleum free, chemical fragrance free and harmful preservative free products.  With extensive research and a cumulative knowledge of herbs and essential oils, she created a unique, all natural line of soaps and skincare products.

    Having been schooled in fine arts and graphic design at the University of Kentucky, she found a variety of new “mediums” in which to express herself artistically.  It all started with her first batches of soap.  By using beneficial herbs, flower petals, honey, teas, rosins, extracts and pure essential oils she designed uniquely colored, textured and natural fragranced, round Castille soaps.

    Spurred on by friends and family she went back to her roots in design and came up with a label for her soaps that she had been making and giving away.  Robin began selling her soaps at the Madison County Farmers’ Market and they were well-received.  With more and more people expressing their desire for natural alternatives to skincare, she decided to bring more homemade dry skin solutions to fruition.  Sugar Scrubs and Dead Sea Salt Mineral Soaks were next in line for her to naturally makeover.

    Mrs. Robin R. Cooke allows her artistic self expression to be actualized in her wide array of all natural products.  All of her product recipes, labels & website content are original creations.  With her inclusion in the Kentucky Crafted program she has been able to get the needed exposure statewide through juried craft fairs.  She also grows the majority of the herbs and flowers that she employs in her products.  She has been a member of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture's Kentucky Proud™ program since 2003.  By offering the highest quality, handmade, all natural skincare products and excellent customer service, Misty Mountain Top INC. is fast becoming a standout in the world of all natural skincare products.

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    • Business Name :

      Misty Mountain Top INC.

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      207 Autumn Court
      Berea,  KY  40403

    • 859-979-0035