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Madonna Cash

Madonna Cash

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Baskets


    Madonna took her first basket weaving class over 25 years ago and fell in love with it. She starts her baskets with basic techniques then adds her own design elements.  She sometimes embellishes her baskets by weaving colored reed, cane, sea grass, ribbon or ash into the design. All her baskets are finished with a stain made from crushed walnut hulls diluted with water. This preserves the basket and keeps the color from fading with age. All her wood handles are treated and buffed to make them very smooth.

    Madonna has partnered with Sandra Rinkel to make purses and tote baskets with liners.  Sandra makes the liners from various 100% cotton materials. The liners are attached with Velcro that is laced to the basket and sewn to the liner. Thus they can be removed for cleaning or replaced with alternate designs.

    Madonna and Sandra sell their baskets and totes through several galleries in Kentucky and have participated in art and craft fairs through out the state.

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    • Business Name :

      Madonna G. Cash

    • Contact Information :

      12698 Spring Haven Court
      Louisville, KY 40229

    • 502-277-1817