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Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Fiber


    Brownland Fiber is located in an agricultural community in central Kentucky. This area is considered Kentucky’s gateway to the bluegrass and the mountains. This business is an outgrowth of utilizing wool that the farm flock grows. I realized that I could only spin so much for knitting and still had lots of fleeces unused. My thoughts turned from using ounces to pounds. Wool is a wonderful fiber! And creating a lovely, traditional, braided rug is such a wonderful usage for these fleeces.

    I am not limited to working with traditional shapes, but can be creative with this versatile wool, creating a unique rug with its own story. The fine to medium wool sheep are sheared once a year and the long and coarser wool sheep are sheared twice a year. This gives me an unlimited supply of wool for making my braided, felted wool rugs.

    Each rug is carefully sewn with a waxed linen thread. The wool and linen thread compliment each other as natural fibers, with each other bonding to the other making a well-constructed rug. These rugs can be used anywhere in the home. All rugs are signed with a small wooden sheep. The braided rug is a symbol of the hearth and home.

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      Brownland Fiber

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      4034 Grassy Lick Road
      Mt. Sterling, KY 40353

    • 859-498-1613