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Philis Alvic

Philis Alvic

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Fiber


    Philis Alvic is an artist who has chosen weaving as her principal medium of expression.  Over the last thirty-five years she has used completely loom-controlled pattern weaving to convey a series of visual ideas that are not usually approached through weaving.  Her work employs many different complex weave structures.  Her pieces are produced in a variety of commercially spun and dyed cotton, rayon, and synthetic threads—chosen primarily for their color and texture.

    She is inspired by her study of textiles, her historical research into crafts, and her international travel to create abstract scenes that focus on relationships in, or a particular aspect of her observations.  A dominant visual theme is the exploration of illusionary space in a consistent format of large vertical rectangular panels.  Her most recent work takes advantage of the draping properties of the fabric that she creates.

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