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Laura Ross

Laura Ross

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Ceramics


    It seems one could spend a lifetime making pots just to create one of those few cups or bowls, resting in the kitchen cabinet, which is chosen each morning.  It is my intent to make pottery that is selected because it functions effortlessly in the dance of daily use and has an energy and life force that make a connection with the user.  The freshness and spontaneity of cut clay, ragged edges, and undulating rims, combined with the accidental quality of the flame patterns impart an energy and spiritual edge that I want in my work.  My pots are made to reflect the traditional values of fine craftsmanship, integrity of form, and usage to enliven our daily rituals and pleasures.  They are pots for living.

    Most of my pots are thrown on the wheel then altered by changing the shape and manipulating the clay to reveal its flexibility.  This manipulation is important to me as it enhances the fluidity and liveliness of the pot which is what I am forever striving to achieve in my work.  I fire in a soda gas kiln to Cone 10 which was built by Simon Levin from Wisconsin .  The surface on the pots created by the soda firing is rich in texture– the glaze bright with depth and variability.

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