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Charlene Claycomb

Charlene Claycomb

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Jewelry


    Most of the ideas for my designs come from my customers. Also, the dog, cat and horse shows I attend have provided a lot of material. I take photos at these shows and use them to develop designs for jewelry. Talking to dog breeders and getting input is very helpful to getting it "right" as far as dog breeds. I have a lot of variety in designs that have evolved over the 25 or so years that I've been making jewelry.

    I believe my method of using translucent glazes to get dimension into my pieces is unique, since I have not seen anyone else doing it. Using a low-fire glaze over a high-fire clay body is not an easy thing to achieve. Sculpting an original casting it and getting it small enough for jewelry requires a degree of skill.

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    • Business Name :

      Remembrance Porcelain

    • Contact Information :

      13014 Pine Hill Court
      Prospect, KY 40059

    • 502-292-2699