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Anne Elliott

Anne Elliott

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Ceramics


    When I was in college, I chose photography over pottery because I thought it was the better medium with which to express the things I thought the world needed to know. When I rediscovered pottery in my thirties, I found that it was enough for me to bring a little beauty into the world. With each piece of pottery I try to create something that is finely crafted yet functional, something aesthetically pleasing yet natural. I don’t mind using utilitarian forms; a cup must be comfortable and a bowl needs a smooth line inside as well as out. Each functional piece should be formed to hold up to everyday use, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be graceful and artistic. My pottery exists, perhaps as pottery always has, precisely on the line between function and art.

    I love experimenting with glazes. I am forever layering different glazes, firing and then firing again to see what new patterns may emerge. I like to make my functional pieces suggestive of something from nature, for example a geological formation, a glacier, or an organic pattern, like the stripes of a tiger. I take a lot of time coloring each piece. I glaze and re-glaze until the piece takes on its unique personality. Then I know that it is ready to find a home.

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