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Laura Mentor

Laura Mentor

Architectural Artist
  • Glass


    Laura Mentor has been creating custom stained glass windows for public and private clients in Kentucky, Iowa and the East Coast for over 20 years. She utilizes ancient stained glass painting and firing techniques to create imagery that glows with pure light and color. Inspired by the beauty of the natural world around her, her work is often an ornate translation of the wildflowers, trees and birds of her locale.

    Recent projects include a chapel for a new hospital, featuring a 6 foot diameter “rose" window with over 50 beautifully rendered healing plants from the region. Several Kentucky libraries have commissioned large projects, all of which reflect the role of the library in the life of the local community they serve. The artist enjoys creating artwork that speaks to the spirit of a place and its community.

    Laura was awarded a 2009 Al Smith Fellowship by the Kentucky Arts Council.

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