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Squallis Puppeteers

Squallis Puppeteers

Performing Artist
  • Storytelling and Theatre
  • Number of Performers: 2 - 3
  • Fee Range: $150 – $450
  • Available for Block Booking


Squallis Puppeteers promote imagination and artistic expression by bringing puppets to the people and by encouraging people to tell their own stories and celebrate together. Squallis has two full time staff, Nora Christensen and Shawn Hennessey, who conduct most of the educational programs and two-person performances.

Squallis Puppeteers currently offer three interactive puppet shows. Rage-O-Saurus Rex, for pre-school audiences (children ages 2-6), features baby dinosaur hand puppets with hot tempers and a talking volcano that teaches social/emotional lessons. Food Fight, for elementary aged audiences (children ages 5-14), is a show about nutrition and making healthy food choices. World of Puppetry, for middle school, classroom-sized audiences, features a show-and-tell lecture that discusses types of puppet traditions from all over the world and shows different kinds of puppets.

Squallis Puppeteers offer a variety of one-hour workshops, including finger puppet making, sock puppet making and Adjective Act Out. The company also offers a multiple session residency that teaches participants how to create a story, produce puppets and perform a show. Squallis staff manage School of Sharks Workshop and Theater in Louisville, Ky., and host a monthly program called the First Saturday Show Series where the public can see an affordable puppet show and make a puppet afterwards, while visiting the Squallis collection of puppets.

Squallis manages a troupe of 15 to 25 contract artists and volunteers that collaborate in all aspects of performances: creating puppets and sets, writing scripts, directing, performing and creating original events. Their volunteers produce innovative events for the public and create large puppets for parades and street performances.

Minimal Technical Requirements

Minimum stage size: 16 feet x 10 feet
Sound: sound system needs depend on venue, lavalier microphones only, Squallis can provide two
Other: no low ceilings, minimum of 10 feet overhead clearance for tall puppets
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