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Looking for Lilith

Looking for Lilith

Performing Artist
  • Storytelling and Theatre
  • Number of Performers: 1-8
  • Fee Range: $500-$6,000
  • Available for Block Booking


​Looking for Lilith Theatre Company (LFL) is a women's ensemble theater based in Louisville, Kentucky. LFL is dedicated to re-examining history from women's perspectives and creating original performance pieces based on that examination. LFL's work is created entirely from primary source materials, including letters, diaries, essays, newspaper articles, and oral histories of women reflecting on their experiences of important events in both national and personal history. They provide full-length shows as well as show excerpts starting at 15 minutes in length. Looking for Lilith's dynamic performances available for touring include:

CHOICES: An Interactive Play on Cyberbullying and Suicide encourages students and adults to deeply consider these problems and possible solutions and coping strategies.

Crossing Mountains: To Teach All We Can and To Learn All We Cancelebrates the history of Kentucky’s Hindman Settlement School and explores the universal struggle for progress and growth through education.

Fabric, Flames, And Fervor: Girls of the Triangle explores the individual, societal and political repercussions of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911 in New York.

Strangers/Extranjeras is a bilingual play about an inspiring friendship between a young, optimistic U.S. volunteer and her generous Mayan Guatemalan host-mother.

What My Hands Have Touched shares the compelling stories of a group of U.S. women during World War II, including pilots, army nurses, homemakers, factory workers and USO.

Class of '70 explores how a group of women on a college campus are affected by the revolutionary late 60's.

Becoming Mothers is a mosaic of stories from the journey to motherhood, from making the decision to conception/adoption, through pregnancy/process and birth, and those first few months of motherhood.