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Orchestra Kentucky

Orchestra Kentucky

Performing Artist
  • Music: Orchestra
  • Number of Performers: 25-80
  • Fee Range: $10,000–$25,000
  • Available for Block Booking


Orchestra Kentucky began in 2000 as the Bowling Green Chamber Orchestra. Under the creative guidance of music director and conductor Jeffrey Reed, programming is designed to include a wide variety of genres, often on the same program. From Bach and Beethoven to Broadway, Bernstein, bluegrass and the music of the Beatles, Orchestra Kentucky presents great music, performed by professional musicians. From small ensembles to big band and full orchestra configurations that sometimes includes the orchestra’s rock band, The Rewinders; the Orchestra performs throughout the Commonwealth. Scott Watkins, executive director, can facilitate the administrative components of presenting Orchestra Kentucky, including local marketing and sponsorship assistance. In addition to Mr. Watkins, the talented staff of Orchestra Kentucky is available to make the concert experience a success for presenters.

Orchestra Kentucky offers a wide variety of musical styles for every age group, from pre-school onward. School day performances, runouts and mini-tours are available with South Central Kentucky’s only fully professional orchestra.

Minimal Technical Requirements

Minimum stage size: 25 feet x 25 feet
Lighting: white overhead wash
Sound: general mics
Other: depends on size and genre of performance
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