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Patricia Ritter

Visual Arts and Crafts

Patricia has been creating art in watercolors, pastels, acrylics, collage and murals for a number of years.  Her art has received numerous awards and honors and appears in many collections.
She has completed short and long term art residencies with students at all grade levels - including alternative schools; juvenile justice facilities; special needs classrooms and adults.  She is on the faculty of the Arts Academies as a Visual Arts Instructor. 

Inspired by the work of many artists, including Diego Rivera, Georgia O’Keefe and Freda Kahlo, and the amazing work of mask makers of many cultures, she helps students learn about the world and themselves through innovative art projects. 

Using the arts across the curriculum to help all students understand and learn, she leads students on a hands-on journey to discover their artistic abilities through drawing and painting; creating expressive self-portraits and murals; small sculptures; making puppets and masks; and collage and mixed media projects.   She works with teachers to meet their classroom needs and ensure successful projects for students and educators alike.

Potential Residency Project

Designing and Painting a Mural
Time Required:
One to four weeks depending on size and site of mural.
Grade Levels:  Can be adapted to any grade

Murals can be on walls or doors, indoors or outdoors – temporary murals can be created on foam core.  Begins with presentation on mural artists from around the world.  Elements of art and principles of design are reviewed and used in creating sketches.  Students work together to create theme and design.  Math skills are used to grid out spaces and enlarge sketches.  Students complete painting their mural step by step alongside a professional artist.

Small Sculptures Based on Masks From Several Cultures
Time Required:
  One week – can be expanded to two with writing project.
Grade Levels:  Can be adapted to any grade.

Begins with examples of masks from Mexico, Africa and Northwestern peoples.  Tied to the myths and legends of the cultures, students write their own stories and then create a small face in air-dried clay.  These small 3-D, mixed media works embody their stories and are painted, embellished and adhered to a larger background piece which can be drawn, painted or collaged.  Expressive and fun, this covers 2-D, 3-D, literacy skills and cultures.

Sketchbooks and Journals with Collage Covers
Time Required:
At least one week
Grade Levels: Can be adapted to any grade

Collage enables everyone to create dynamic and insightful art.  We each create simple books and students write about what we learn as we go.  Then we visually express our thoughts using collage techniques.  This project can be adapted to help students document and record any classroom lesson.

Expressive Self-Portraits – Me, Myself and I
Time required:
One week – can be expanded to two with writing project.
Grade levels: Can be adapted to any grade.

After looking at and discussing self-portraits by famous artists, photos are taken of each student and printed out in small size.  Students learn how to grid the photo and transfer it to a larger sheet.  They choose a color scheme and proceed to paint their own self-portrait.  A border is left around the self-portrait and filled in with words, poems, and collaged images to complete the story of themselves.

Landscapes and Still Lifes
Time Required:
One week and can be expanded depending on scope of project
Grade Levels: Can be adapted to any grade
Students create drawings and paintings – projects include:  reflecting your own community; seasons of the year (can be tied to poetry); works inspired by famous artists; abstract and realistic paintings.  Endless possibilities.